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Web Site Design & Development

Our team has designed, developed, and marketed hundreds of websites of all types, catering to our loyal customers. As a testament to our commitment, many of our clients have been with us for decades. We understand that your website serves as the first impression of your business, and our team is equipped to help you make it a memorable one.

Responsive Design - Look Great On Any Device

Web Design and Development

We specialize in website design and development. The process of designing and developing your website begins with the Learning Stage which includes learning everything we can about your company, from its history and goals to your target audience and competition. We need to know what you want your website to accomplish, so we can work with you to create a customized plan that meets your needs. Once we have a clear understanding of your company, we move on to the design stage. We specialize in building websites using the WordPress platform. More websites are built using WordPress than anything else because of its security, flexibility, ease of updating and search engine optimization.

Custom Website Design

Almost every website we build is a custom design from the ground up. Our team will work with you to create a website that not only stands out but also matches your company’s established image, incorporating your logo, company colors, and style. We can also provide a whole fresh look if you are looking to revamp your company’s image. Sometimes we ask customers to send us links to websites they like. That way we can visualize the general image you have of your mind for your new website.

Website Development

The development stage is where we sort out all the information gathered in the learning stage and determine what should be used on the website and on which pages it should be placed for maximum benefit. Your website is then organized into pages, with each page serving a specific purpose. It is important for every page to have a particular focus. Contrary to widely held belief search engines rank individual web pages not entire sites.

The Home Page

Your homepage is like the front door of your business. It needs to make a lasting first impression on your potential customer. It needs to be welcoming and motivate visitors to learn more about your business by encouraging them to visit more pages. Your About page is where you can tell potential customers everything they need to know about your company, including who you are and why they should choose you over your competition.

The Contact Page

Your Contact page should provide several contact options, including email, phone numbers, a contact form, and if your business has a bricks and mortar location a live Google Traffic Map with detailed directions to your physical location is important. We recommend including a photo of your business to help visitors find you.
While pages above are mandatory pages that every website should have, the content of the rest of the pages depends on your company, what you do or sell and its goals. We suggest creating a customer reviews page, links to non-competitive but related sites, and even an interactive blog where visitors can post messages and make comments publicly.

Responsive Design

Web sites today need to be of a Responsive design so they will display correctly on all devices from Smart TVs to Smart Phones and everything else in between. Talk to us about making your new site responsive. There are more web site visits on smartphones today than on computers.

Basic SEO

Every web site’s pages need to offer the visitor information in a form that is easily understood by humans. But just as important is that it needs to be optimized to be interpreted by machines such as search engine robots like Googlebot. We include basic SEO while we develop each web site. SEO is so important that it is often said you cannot do too much SEO. The sites that appear at the top for any particular will get the more business from that keyword.

Why You Should Choose Masscot Design

Masscot started in the internet business in 1988. We built our first website in 1993 and that is important for you to know because that is the same year the World Wide Web started to be widely known, it was the year the first web browser was invented, and the year Yahoo started. We were pioneers in the website business and we have never stopped learning. Experience matters! We have more experience than almost everyone.

With our 35 years of internet and website experience, we pride ourselves on creating customized websites that meet your company’s unique needs and actually work. Contact us today to get started on your new website and take the first step toward turning your prospects into customers!