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Domain Name Registration

Domain names are the starting point of building a lasting online presence for your company. Your domain name defines your brand and can potentially affect how your site is perceived by search engines, so finding the right domain name is not always an easy task. It’s crucial to come up with a name that is short, memorable, easy to say and to type.

Most people automatically assume that website names end in .com, the leading domain name extension. Take your time, or rely on the decades of our experience, to help you choose the right domain, that will set the tone for how your customers find your website and think of your business.

Domain Name Registration Service

Why is domain name registration so important?

The right domain name is extremely important to help potential customers find you on the web. Choosing the right domain name can give you a distinct advantage over others in Google’s search engine rankings. Search engine rank  is highly important because the majority of website traffic is generated by Google and the other search engines.

On the other hand,  the wrong domain name can hurt your rank position in the search engines. Considering the importance of the domain names you choose, talk to someone with a lot of experience registering domain names.

Talk to us! We have been helping people with their domain name choices for as long as there have been domain names! We can help you choose the best available domain name for your business and products. Consultation is FREE when you register with us!

You can register as many domain names as you like! There is no limit to the number of domain names that a web site is allowed have.  Well-chosen domain names can help bring specifically targeted customers to your web site or specific areas of your site. In addition to your company name, consider registering several different domain names, each targeted to a particular audience, product, or service you offer.

Primary Domain Name

Your primary domain is the domain name you should use in all your advertising, letterheads, street signs, vehicles and anywhere else you decide to publicly display your company name.  Everywhere your company name is seen, your domain name should be right there  too.

A good primary domain name should include your company name at the very least. It may include where you are located or the geographic area that you serve. In some cases, it may include your main product or service as long as it does not get to be too long and hard to remember. In general, shorter domain names are best for your primary domain. The best primary domains for a company end in .com if a good one is available.

If you cannot find a good available domain with your company name, consider a domain that says what you provide or sell and where you do it, especially if your company name is not well known yet. Think like a potential customer who never hear of you but knows what they are looking for.

Secondary Domain Registration

Secondary domain names are usually more descriptive of something you do or sell and my get longer than your primary domain. But that is ok because people generally click on secondary domain name in listings in search engine results. They don’t need to remember  the domain name. It is more like click and go, since it is there waiting for you to be clicked on.

Consider registering a few secondary domain names too. These are domain names that describe an important product you sell or a service you provide. If you sell widgets on Cape Cod for example, a secondary domain name should include the keywords words that customers that are searching  for “widgets on Cape Cod” would search for on Google. Examples would include domain names like or for example.

But, unless you are an expert in the field of SEO or Domain Name Registration, get some help from our SEO Experts at Masscot Internet so you don’t waste money buying domain names that will not help you very much. The best part is that if you register your domain names with Masscot, you get the benefit of our 35 years of experience. The consultation is Free. We can help you choose the right domain names to help boost your company’s search engine presence. We fully manage the domain names registered through us at no extra charge. We strongly recommend you chose auto-renew.

When taking advantage of our decades of domain name marketing experience, you avoid the hassle of dealing with tricky, loss leader do-it-yourself domain name registration services that offer little or no support and then try to load you up with unnecessary overpriced extras that most domain owners do not need. In most cases, these add-ons are really designed to move money from your wallet to theirs. Many of these add-on services may even work against your success. Once they have you locked in with their loss-leader prices, they make it hard for you to switch away.

Avoid the hassle, call Masscot at 508-778-4500 for your domain registration needs today, or contact us for hassle free, honest, full-service domain name registration help and advice.

Our consultation service is not an add-on; it is standard at Masscot, and it is included for free.  But, if you are already sure of the domain name, you really want, click the link below, and see if it is still available in real time. If you find a domain name you really like, grab it at once, do not wait! Great domains get registered fast. Domains are offered on a first come, first served basis.  Whoever clicks to register it first, owns it!

One final word of advice

Tip: Another strategy is if you see other good domain names that would be right for your company, buy them too, most TLDs are only pennies a day. Once you register a domain name for yourself, it is yours!  Your competition can’t buy and use it to siphon business away from you. Great domain names are internet gold.